I’m Interested

I am Curious, I’d like to know More

That's Great!!

We've all had a hard time choosing a new church.  We totally understand that!

Our advice is the following:

  1. Come to a few of our worship services.
  2. Don't be shy about telling us you are church shopping.  We understand, it happens all the time.
  3. Get our brochure.
  4. Talk to our members.
  5. Challenge our leaders.
  6. If we are not offering what you are looking for let us know.  It may be that we have plans but are looking for leaders.

If you would like to get more information please contact contact the office and your request will be passed along to the appropriate people for following up.

Welcome Message

Everyone at FBC belongs to a family. Whether as a spouse, parent, child, or relative, family relationships are a significant element of church life. We make it a priority to minister to families because the church is a family of families.

Ministry programs are available for the entire family. Our key ministry is our worship service which focuses on our relationship to God by glorifying and praising Him through song and the teaching of his Word. We also have other various ministries that focus on our relationships to other Christians’ such as small groups, men’s and women’s ministry teams, youth and children’s programs. Another ministry segment we also focus on is our relationship with the world. Through various ministries of FBC such as mission projects, outreach opportunities, and community service we reach out on a community level as well as a global level. Please select the specific ministry you are interested in to find out more information.

Sunday Mornings

  • 8:45am Coffee Fellowship
  • 9:15am Sunday School
  • 10:30am Sunday Worship

Please, ask all the questions you want.  We are here to serve any and every need.  At FBC our standing policy is to serve everyone no matter what the circumstances.