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“Gifts for Gracias” Collection Has Begun at FBC!

Gifts for Gracias is an opportunity to directly invest in the work of missionaries Allen & Trish Sowers (former FBC members) and their family in Gracias, Honduras, the poorest Department in Honduras

imageWhat Gifts for Gracias is and How You Can Help

By donating Christmas gifts as well as used toys and clothing and household items, the families of FBC can be part of blessing the 1,000 impoverished pastors and their families who are supported in varying degrees by the ministry of the Sowers family. Donated items that are in excellent/like-new condition will be used to build Christmas boxes for these pastors and their families, who are committed to bringing the hope of Jesus to their scattered congregations. “This isn’t a solution,” writes Trish Sowers. “We work on big-picture solutions every day – building schools and infrastructure, running feeding centers, holding medical clinics in remote areas, and helping people find the hope that knowing God provides – but once a year, we run this gift project as a way of saying, ‘We know how hard this is, and we want to help your life get one little bit better, today. Right now.’” A list of suggested items is included with this flyer. Consider bulk sale items also; they are good buys and make sorting easy for the Sowers as they attempt to individualize the gift boxes according to the gender and age of each child in each family. Additional gifts, if available, will be provided to children living in the many orphanages in the Gracias area.

You may contact Mary Richard via email at MaryRichrd@aol.com (no A in Richard) or at 301-898-3178 with any questions or if you would like to help with the packing of the items for shipment.

Gifts for Gracias Donation Tax Deduction Information

Individual and bulk purchase items, as well as pre-made gift boxes are all greatly appreciated by the Sowers.

If you wish to create a pre-made gift box

Children’s gifts may be created in shoeboxes or large, plastic zipper bags; family boxes (items specifically for the adults or for the use of the entire family) usually require a larger box. A great idea is to package family gifts in a duffle bag or backpack – the pastors love this! All pre-made gifts should fit into one of the following categories, and should be labeled in this way:

Baby girl or Baby boy
Preschool girl or Preschool boy
5 – 7 yr old girl or 5 – 7 yr old boy
8 – 12 yr old girl or 8 – 12 yr old boy
Teen girl or Teen boy
Family Box

The following items are especially appreciated by the Honduran children (* indicates favorite items):

soccer balls*, baseball caps*, dolls*, stuffed animals*, inexpensive watches*, sunglasses*, tooth brushes, soap, baby shampoo, combs, brushes, hair bows, crayons, markers, pencils, pens, colored pencils, coloring books, pads of paper, stickers, school supplies, backpacks, baby bottles, rattles, balls, small toys, socks

These items are especially appreciated by the Honduran adults (* indicates favorite items):

dish towels*, towels*, blankets*, hair gel*, belts* (smaller adult sizes), baseball hats*, tooth brushes, tooth paste, soap, shampoo (tightly closed), lotion, aftershave, perfume, hair things, other toiletries, candles, small decorative items, sewing kit, pens, notepads, stationery, tape, small office supplies, shoe polish (black or brown), dark socks, handkerchiefs, purses, small kitchen items, plastic storage containers, small flashlights, inexpensive watch, small (non-electric) clock, backpacks! (* indicates favorite items)

IMPORTANT: Please only send food items separately packaged from the gift boxes!!! We have problems with pests and heat destroying the candy – and frequently other items in the same box are ruined. We will add candy to the boxes ourselves, just before distribution. You may send bags of candy, separately, to help us with this expense -just please package those items separately!